Made by hand, inspired by life.

Made by hand, inspired by life.

Made by hand, inspired by life.Made by hand, inspired by life.

Made by hand, inspired by life.

Made by hand, inspired by life.

Made by hand, inspired by life.Made by hand, inspired by life.Made by hand, inspired by life.




Do the right thing for the right reason the right way

Hometown Movies is not an ordinary motion-picture production company.

We love movies.  As entertainment.  As art.  As enlightenment.

But more than that, we think movies--good movies, great movies--can reveal ourselves to ourselves.  Can help us celebrate our individual uniqueness while embracing our common humanity.  And can help us explore our past, anticipate our future, and navigate our urgent present, from the profane to the profound.

A good idea doesn't care where it comes from

We believe that only by collaborating with other equally passionate professionals can the very best movies be made.  Great sandcastles are built by everyone getting their hands dirty and seeing what magic they can create together.  We thrive on inspiration, but we succeed on teamwork.   

Made by hand, inspired by life

Movies are as much about craft as they are about art.  Inspiration is frivolous if it can't find an audience.  That's why we believe in "hand-made" films, films that reveal the careful personal touch of their creators, films that tell honest, accessible stories, and films that aren't afraid to explore the seeming fickleness of life and the indominable spirit to live.



Movies . . .

have the power--through sight and sound, character and story, conflict and drama--to enrich our lives by touching our hearts, engaging our minds, and embracing our souls.  



Finance, develop, and produce . . .

feature motion pictures, episodic television, and documentaries that celebrate the resilience, self-reliance, and can-do spirit of people who live on the land in small towns, rural communities, and isolated pockets of humanity.



Home is where the heart is

Home has powerful meanings.  Hearth and home.  Home sweet home.  Home team.  Hometown.   

We each have a hometown

Whether we grew up in a small town in a rural community or in a big neighborhood in a huge city, we each have some deep emotional connection in our hearts to some small place that represents our hometown.    

The Hometown Brand . . .

embodies all the meanings, values, and emotional associations of Hometown to deliver products and services of integrity, quality, and simple honesty. 

Hometown at the Movies


A franchise . . .

of feature films set in the fictional town of Evergreen, Oregon.

At least five films in the series . . .

to be released once a year over the next five years.

An ensemble cast . . .

of characters you will come to know and love . . . and hate.

Hometown: Yesterday's Gone


The first "episode"

A man returns to his hometown after being gone for 35 years, only to discover that his memories aren't anything like his actual past.

Currently in Preproduction



Barri Chase

The Watchman's Canoe, Coyote Howls, Marshfield


A.J. Young

Noise and Color, The Watchman's Canoe, Mandao of the Dead  


Watch this space for news soon to be announced.

Production support

Light Dancing Productions

Release date

Fall, 2020

More than a Movie


Creating an infrastructure of opportunity

Hometown Movies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hometown Holdings, LLC, a diversified economic-development company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, focusing on entertainment, education, and enterprise.  

Hometown Movies is developing a series of feature motion pictures being shot on location in Southwest Oregon.  

To support these films, HTH is creating Myrtle Point Studios, providing production offices, editing suites, studio space, equipment rental, access to local talent and crews, and administrative and logistical services. 

To support Myrtle Point Studios, HTH is creating the Myrtle Point Film Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit fully-accredited post-secondary educational institution focusing on "below-the-line" jobs in the motion-picture industry such as camera operation, grip, lighting and electrical, set operation, production management, set design, costume, props, and set construction—all the “hands-on” jobs listed in the end credits of any movie.  

In addition to classes taught by industry professionals, students at MPFI will also be assigned as interns to various film, television, and commercial projects through Hometown Movies and Myrtle Point Studios, receiving true on-the-job training in an active production setting. 

HTH is establishing the Myrtle Point Film Festival to celebrate independent films and filmmakers, based at the Myrtle Point Film Center but coordinating with other film festivals and theaters throughout the region.  

HTH is developing a new educational campus for MPFI, which will also be the site of three regional museums, as well as a business campus with hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities and services, and retail stores and online catalog sales under the Hometown Brands label.  

Through these integrated efforts, through collaborative partnerships and joint ventures, Hometown Holdings is creating “an infrastructure of opportunity” that will serve as a new paradigm for the economic revitalization of hometowns everywhere. 

Hometown Team


Charles "Bud" Brummel

Executive Producer

Bud is a thirty-five-year veteran of the banking and finance industry overseeing the origination, processing, underwriting and secondary-mortgage-market operations of billions of dollars of residential, commercial, and construction loans for some of the largest lenders in the region and the nation.  Those lenders included Cascade Savings and Loan and Washington Mutual.  He also served as a director for several boards of large companies, economic development councils, chambers of commerce, and the largest non-profit housing provider in the State of Washington. On many of those boards, Bud served and chaired several committees, including finance and political affairs, and as Chairman of the Board.

Carleton Prince


Carleton studied film at UCLA, earned a BA in Philosophy from UC Berkeley, and worked on an MA in Film and Television at San Francisco State University.  He spent more than thirty-five years in advertising and marketing communications, starting as a copywriter and later becoming Group Creative Director for two of the largest agencies in the world, and eventually President of three others.  His clients included Sony, Levi’s, Visa, Boeing, Intel, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and Valero Energy, among many others.  He has written and produced more than 200 television and radio commercials, as well as more than 30 long-form corporate films.  He is a published novelist and has written a number of screenplays.

Barri chase


Barri is an entrepreneur and creator of Light Dancing Productions and is the writer/producer/director of the award=winning feature The Watchman's Canoe, which is currently in distribution and was shot in the same area of Southwest Oregon that is the location of the Hometown franchise.  After a career in beauty, fashion, and fine-art photography, she became a cinematographer, then a director of a number of music videos and short films, including Hand of the Earth, which won five film festival awards, including Best Director.  She recently finished the script for In the Shadow of War Clouds, which will complete her MFA in Screenwriting.  She lives on the Oregon coast, has a deep and intuitive understanding of the region's history, culture, and people, and recognizes the landscape as a key "character" in any story set in the area.  She is a member of the Southeastern Cherokee Nation, which has influenced her craft of telling rich, relatable, cross-cultural stories.  This is reflected in her streaming series, Marshfield, which is also set in the region, as is the upcoming feature Coyote Howls, both of which are being produced under the Hometown Movies banner. 

AJ Young


AJ began his career as a projectionist at his hometown movie theater, and went on to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography.  He is a true student of his art, as well as his craft, and been directly inspired by such luminaries as Roger Deakins. He has shot numerous short films, music videos, television shows, and feature films, including Noise and Color and Another Cinema Snob Movie.  He will also be shooting the upcoming Coyote Howls to be directed by Barri Chase and produced by Hometown Movies.  

Stephen Wade Nebgen

Legal and Business Affairs

Stephen has been an entertainment attorney for more than twenty years and been involved in the entertainment industry for nearly forty.  He is a graduate of Fordham University and the University of Texas School of Law.  His clients include film, television, and theatre companies, actors/actresses, musicians, and many authors and painters.  He counsels clients on business formation, intellectual property matters in copyright and trademarks, contract negotiations, and other areas of corporate law.  He has also been called as an expert witness regarding entertainment issues in a number of cases.  He is a producer with credits in film, television, theatre, and music.  He was the General Manager at The Lambs Theatre  at 44th Street and Broadway in New York City, and also produced such prominent Off-Broadway plays as the 20th Anniversary Revival of Fortune and Men’s Eyes and Bert Sees The Light, which featured Jack Black in his New York theatre debut.  He worked with Dame Maggie Smith on Lettice and Lovage, and with Andrew Lloyd Webber on Cats and Aspects of Love.  Stephen is also the author of the acclaimed legal resource book Entertainment Law: Music now in its second edition.

partners, collaborators, associates

Our business model is based on collaboration, partnerships, and joint ventures.  

Our goal is to build the best team for each enterprise, each project, each film. 


Our philosophy is simple:  It's amazing what you can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.

Our objective is to deliver the highest quality product with the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and value.


Do the right thing for the right reason the right way..

That is reflected in our films, in our partners, in our company, and in ourselves.  

And it is reflected in our relationships with our audience, with our customers, and with our investors.  

We look at the world a little differently.  And we think that's a good thing.  



These are some of the organizations working with us behind the scenes to help make it all happen

Arizona Entertainment Law

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Coos County Fair Alliance

Coos County, Oregon

Egyptian Theatre (Coos Bay)

HGE Architects

Inner Sanctum Studios

Light Dancing Productions

Myrtle Point, Oregon

Myrtle Trees Motel

Oregon Governor's Office of Film and Television

ProSight Specialty Insurance

South Coast Development Council

The Legend Radio 105.9FM

Travel Oregon

Wild Rivers Coast Alliance

Seen in All the Best Places


location location location

The Hometown films will be shot on location in and around Myrtle Point, Oregon.

"tourism triangle"

Myrtle Point is at one corner of the "Tourism Triangle" formed with Coos Bay on the coast to the north and Bandon on the coast to the south, which offers numerous recreational opportunities year-round in a striking landscape that is less populated and less frequented, so offers unique and memorable experiences.

Oregon on film

With its dramatic settings and lush topography, Oregon has been the location of numerous feature films since the early "silent" days and right up to some of the most recognizable modern classics:

Animal House

Five Easy Pieces

Free Willy

Lost Horizon

Mr. Holland's Opus

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Sometimes a Great Notion

The River Wild

The Shining

And soon . . . 

Hometown: Yesterday's Gone

Contact Us


Charles "bud" Brummel

Carleton Prince

623-337-5922 office

415-298-5622 cell